New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

  • Ideas To Help You Improve Your Yard And Garden Landscaping

    The landscaping around your home provides a unique design and beautiful appearance to your home and property. And with the value boost it can provide your property, landscaping is much more than a visual improvement. Here are some ideas and recommendations to help you improve and boost the health and appearance of your yard landscaping. Use Planter Containers Planter containers are a great option to add to your landscaping design, as they provide many benefits for various purposes.

  • Want To Change Your Backyard? Invest In Tree Removal For The Right Reasons

    Although you may like your backyard in regard to how it looks and functions, your family might not feel the same. Being just content with a feature does not necessarily mean you should change anything, but you may intend on living in the house for a very long time. When you are interested in doing everything that you can to improve your family's happiness at home, you may decide to start making changes to the backyard.

  • 4 Commercial Artificial Turf Myths Dispelled

    Commercial artificial grass is a great solution for businesses. However, there are some misconceptions about artificial turf that causes some business owners to shy away from installation. However, you don't have to make this mistake. Learn more about what's true and what's not so that you can make the right landscaping decision for your organization.  1. Looks Fake Artificial turf does not have to cheapen your business's exterior and make the area look bad.

  • Answers To Your Questions About Landscaping Mulch

    Mulch can be one of your best allies in your yard's flower and shrubbery beds if it is used regularly and correctly. Mulch can result in fewer weeds, better moisture management, and a nicer-looking landscape. The following can help answer some of your questions about mulch use and application. Can mulch be laid over weeds? Although you can lay mulch over weeds, the hardiest ones will survive and grow through the mulch.

  • Are You Adding Interest To Your Front Yard Landscape?

    Even though fall is here and winter isn't far away, maybe you are already planning what you will do to add interest to your front yard landscape. Do you have a firm plan in mind for what you are going to do? If so, then you needn't read any further. However, maybe you are still looking for ideas that will give your landscape a unique look. If so, from arranging for masonry services to adding other elements of design to your landscape, here are some ideas that might help you.

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New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

As a child and teenager, I watched my mother garden, although I wasn't interested in it at the time. I later learned that I had missed out on learning the craft because before I planted my first garden, I thought it would be so easy! Once I finally had a yard of my own, I was eager to plant some beautiful flowers in the yard and do other landscaping work. Unfortunately, I learned a hard lesson and none of things I planted survived more than a few weeks, even though I watered them daily. I gave my mother a call and asked her what could have gone wrong, and I learned that plants have to be chosen carefully. Check out this blog to learn more landscaping plant tips.