New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

Are You Adding Interest To Your Front Yard Landscape?

Sonia Scott

Even though fall is here and winter isn't far away, maybe you are already planning what you will do to add interest to your front yard landscape. Do you have a firm plan in mind for what you are going to do? If so, then you needn't read any further. However, maybe you are still looking for ideas that will give your landscape a unique look. If so, from arranging for masonry services to adding other elements of design to your landscape, here are some ideas that might help you.

Masonry Services -Think of the different ways that masonry services could add appeal to the landscape of your front yard. For instance, maybe you have a walkway that leads to the front porch. Are you happy with that walkway or would you like a more attractive one? If so, consider having a professional mason do a totally different walkway. Instead of the straight one you have now, a mason might suggest a curving one. Is your current walkway made of plain cement? If so, a mason might recommend one of flagstone or brick.

While you're at it, consider having the mason made a round cement table and curved cement benches to surround it. The table can be a place where you always have a pot of flowers, even if they are faux ones. Ask the mason for suggestions from work he has done in the past. He or she might have a portfolio of designs you can adapt to your own landscape.

Other Designs - Is your front yard large enough to add a hardscape to the existing lawn area? If so, the mason can create that for you, too. If he or she built a new walkway from flagstones and bricks, those materials would be excellent for the hardscape, too. The walkway and the hardscape would complement each other. 

Consider having different flower beds that will hold seasonal plants and statuary. For example, this spring, you might have tulips as the focal point of one of the flower beds. In the summertime, sunflowers or daisies might be the central flowers. An angel statue placed in an artistic fashion among the flowers would be a unique touch to your front yard landscape. 

Do you have shade trees in your front yard? If you do, consider hanging both real birdhouses and decorative ones. Hanging ferns and pots of flowers like bougainvilleas would add interest, too.


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New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

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