New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

3 Ways You Can Use Compost On Your Property To Enhance Comfort, Convenience, And Curb Appeal

Sonia Scott

If you haven't started using compost in your yard, now is as good of a time as any to consider doing so. Here are just a few ways you can use compost on your property:

Feed Your Plants and Trees

Compost is full of nutrients that will help your flowers, foliage, trees, and even your grass grow healthier and stronger throughout the year. It will help retain water near your plants and trees so you don't have to water them as often or worry about the sun drying the soil up too much during the day. And the water will help drain the nutrients out of the compost so your plants and trees can soak those nutrients up and thrive.

All you have to do is feed the compost to your plants and trees a little at a time so it can naturally break down into the soil. Just spread a little over the soil and grass right around the trunks of your trees, plants, and flowers of all kinds. Use a rake to work the compost in a little and then water the composted area. As time goes on, the compost will disappear into the soil and continue doing its job.

Create Custom Walking Paths

You can also use compost to create custom walking paths throughout your property so you and others don't have to walk on the grass. The less the grass is walked on, the less maintenance and care you'll have to provide it in the coming years. So map out some basic walking paths throughout your gardens and around the perimeter of your property then dump some compost along those pathways. Once the compost is in place, you can use a shovel to pack it down and make the surface even enough to walk on. The compost will eventually break down and create a smooth pathway that will accommodate you and your family for many years to come.

Protect the Exterior of Your Home

Compost can effectively protect the exterior of your home and its foundation from the outdoor elements as time goes on. Spread it around your home's exterior by starting right at the base of the foundation and working your way out until about a foot of ground around your entire home is covered.

The compost will prevent weeds from growing too close to your home and damaging your foundation. It will also keep water from seeping into the soil around your home and possibly leaking into the floor boards. And you should find that the compost helps give your home a cleaner look overall.


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New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

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