New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

Spending Too Much Money On Watering Your Lawn? 3 Tips To Preserve Water And Maintain Healthy Grass

Sonia Scott

Living in an apartment often provides you with the luxury of not having to pay a water bill. At this point, it is easy to forget that such an expense exists, but this changes when you take on homeownership. If you have found your water bill being on the high side over the course of several months, you may want to find a way to minimize this specific expense. An easy way is to make adjustments to your landscape. The part of your yard that demands the most water is usually the grass, so this is what you will want to focus on.

Make Adjustments to the Irrigation System

Having your irrigation system turn on during the day might make sense as you can keep an eye on it. But, the issue is that when the sun is still shining brightly on your landscape, water evaporates quickly. This makes the two smartest times for watering the lawn around when the sun is coming up or heading on down. This minor change can have a huge impact on how much water is absorbed by your grass. Also, you may be able to reduce how long your sprinkler is turned on, which will cut down on water consumption.

Add Rain Barrels to Downspouts

Another way that you can reduce your water bill is not by reducing your water usage but by making adjustments to where you are actually getting the water from. Instead of using your hose or irrigation system, you can invest in rain barrels that you add to the downspouts on your property. This particular addition has incredible value when you live in an area that gets a lot of precipitation. It also allows you to invest in huge rain barrels to pick up as much water as possible when there are days of heavy rain. By recycling rain water to water your lawn, you aren't consuming as much water and spending money.

Consider Changing the Grass

Although the idea of switching to another grass might seem a bit overwhelming or excessive at first, it is something worth considering when you intend on living in your house for many years. Some grasses are created to need only a single watering a month while Buffalograss can thrive on 75% less watering. A large yard will require a decent initial investment, but it will also lead to greater long-term savings.

Not watering your lawn is certainly an option to save money, but this will lead to unhealthy grass. Using these clever solutions will keep your grass looking great while also providing you with water bill savings. For more information and options, consider talking with landscape design professionals.


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New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

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