New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

2 Ways To Help Your Firm Attract The Best Recent Engineering Graduates

Sonia Scott

For engineering firms, attracting top talent right out of college is of the utmost importance. When a recent grad with an engineering degree joins a firm, the firm gets a bright young mind and someone who's just been trained in the field's latest advancements. With the right compensation package, the firm could keep their new hire around for years, even decades. It can be difficult to attract young engineers to a firm, though. If you're responsible for hiring new engineers at a firm, here are some ways you can increase your engineering firm's attractiveness to college graduates.

Support a Cause

Young adults today don't just want to collect a paycheck. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They want their work to be doing something good in the world.

Businesses that support causes are able to tap into this desire and show college graduates that their work will be bigger than they realize. It will help other people..

There are two ways that your engineering firm might support a cause. First, your firm might already be doing good work. For example, it may be building wells in remote, impoverished regions of Africa or extending high-speed internet to poor, rural areas in the United States. Both of theses are worthy causes and should be highlighted.

Second, your firm can directly support a charitable organization. For example, it might give a percent of revenue to a particular charity and encourage employees to volunteer at that charity. If your company isn't already doing this, you may have to convince company leaders that a cause is worth investing in, but it's worth trying to convince them if you'll be able to attract better talent to the firm.

Serve as a Moving Concierge

Unless you're only recruiting at a local college, many of the college graduates that join your firm will likely be moving to where your engineering firm's located from outside the town or city. They undoubtedly would appreciate some help getting settled into the area when they move. Many companies offer moving concierges to help their employees when they ask employees to relocate, and you could do the same for recent graduates moving to join your firm.

As a moving concierge, you might do the following:

  • help new hires locate housing
  • welcome new hires into the area on their moving day
  • suggest good restaurants in the area
  • recommend in-network doctors and dentists nearby
  • provide directions to work, the grocery store and other places

These are simple things that make the moving process easier. They also show recent graduates looking for jobs that the firm, such as Down Cape Engineering Inc, you work at cares about its employees.


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