New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

Grounds Maintenance Advice For Businesses

Sonia Scott

Keeping your business landscaping in top shape increases the curb appeal, so that your business seems more welcoming to potential customers. The following tips can help you create a good landscaping design combined with a working grounds maintenance plan so that the exterior of your business is always well maintained.

Tip #1: Keep everything trimmed

Trees on islands in the parking lot can provide a welcome bit of shade and greenery to a hot parking lot, but you also want to make sure that customers perceive the lot as safe for both themselves and their vehicles. Keep the trees trimmed back so that there is a minimal chance of falling branches. You should also remove any trees that shed excessively, such as those that produce berries, and replace them with less messy options.

Tip #2: Manage shrub size

Any shrubs in the landscape, whether planted right up against the building or in the parking lot islands, should be kept trimmed so they are small and neat. You don't want shrubs that are large enough to hide a person, since this can pose a danger to people going to their cars at night. Overly dense shrubs can also be a problem, since garbage can get hung up in the branches. Open deciduous shrubs, such as spirea, are best for business grounds.

Tip #3: Schedule regular grass strip maintenance

Green strips are very pleasing to the eye, whether they are next to the business or part of the parking islands. If you have any green strips, make sure to schedule regular mowing so that the grass never appears long or unkempt. Also, have the grass strips edged once monthly during the growing season so that they look neat. This can also prevent grass from growing over a curb and camouflaging it, which can be a tripping hazard. Finally watch for brown areas, which can indicate broken sprinklers or another issue with your watering system that requires a repair.

Tip #4: Keep everything well weeded

Weeds will make your business look run down very quickly. Not only should your crew kill weeds in the lawn, they also need to make sure weeds do not grow in any areas with landscaping rock. Also, destroy any weeds that find their way into cracks in sidewalks or next to the building foundation.

Talk with a grounds maintenance crew from a company like Coastal Lawn Service Inc to develop a landscaping plan that works well for your business and budget.



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New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

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