New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

Obesessed Over Having Perfect Grass? ~ Terrific Reasons To Consider Turf

Sonia Scott

Are you obsessed with your lawn? If so, you likely go the extra mile to keep your grass green and neatly trimmed. Even with the best lawn care practices, many DIYers may make critical mistakes that can result in a number of problems such as brown spots on their grass, over-fertilization, or watering incorrectly. Perhaps you have observed your own lawn recently and noticed that it does not have the stellar appearance you are accustomed to. The following are a few reasons you might find turf grass an ideal solution. 

Weather Resistant

You may experience certain seasons that wreak havoc on your lawn. Spring showers may result in muddy conditions and over watering of your lawn. Winter conditions may cause the grass to die due to the cold. Summers often leave lawns looking parched, and some jurisdictions enforce watering restrictions due to droughts. Fall brings with it the brink of winter, and natural grass may change colors naturally. Turf will give you the option to have green grass regardless of the weather and climate conditions in your area. 


Sometimes people have to resort to chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides to keep their grass lush and green. These substances can mix with storm water run-offs and could negatively impact the environment. Opting for turf will reduce the need for these chemicals. You will even find that it is resistant to damages from pet excrement and urine, which can both cause brown spots on real grass and be difficult to clean or leech away.

Easy Maintenance

Turf is an artificial grass. This means that those meticulous grass duties will be almost non-existent. You will likely only need minimal maintenance from a professional landscaper after your installation. This will leave time for beautification efforts such as planting flowers and trees if you choose to.

Recreational Perks

Perhaps you enjoy entertaining friends at home, but you cringe at the idea of anyone trampling on your precious grass. Turf grass is durable and can withstand foot traffic. You may also be able to practice golf swings at home instead of making trips to the golf course if that's your thing. 

A lawn mowing service like Williams Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. is a good resource to use to determine what could be the ideal solution for long-term green grass. They can also inspect your grass to determine why some areas of your grass are greener than others. For example, you might have insect or larvae activity that is affecting your grass.


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New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

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