New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

Landscaping That Makes Your Home's Front Entryway Nighttime Friendly

Sonia Scott

When you work with a landscaper to create a beautiful setting for your home, the walkway to the front door and entryway is an area of high interest for both curb appeal and safety. This is often the first garden feature that gets designed because it sets the tone for the rest of the yard's layout. While you're working with your landscaper on the design, remember how important it is that your home's entrance is welcoming and safe for those who come and go when daylight has faded and nighttime sets in. Your ideas of what's appealing combined with your contractor's professional expertise ensure that the approach to your front door can be easily navigated when you focus on three key elements.

Walking Surfaces

The front walk should be wide enough and light-colored enough to see where you're going in low light conditions. It should be smooth and free from anything that could cause tripping in the dark. This doesn't mean you're stuck with using plain, old-fashioned gray concrete. Instead, opt for stamped concrete with these advantages:

  • Patterns that look like natural stone, brick, or pavers.
  • A lightly textured surface so it isn't slippery in the rain.
  • Realistic appearance achieved by using stains or coloring pigments.

Landscape Lighting

You don't have to light up the front of your home like a national monument, but putting the right outdoor lighting fixtures in appropriate locations prevents family from having to stumble through the dark when they come home and creates a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. The soft, pleasant illumination enhances the visual appeal of your home after dark and discreetly blends in with the overall landscape by day. Your landscaper will focus your attention on three main areas of attention:

  • The entrance to the front walkway, where a single or pair of post lights signal the best path to approach the front door.
  • The sides of the walkway, best illuminated by low-voltage path lights that are available in a variety of decorative fixture types to blend with your landscape design theme.
  • Porch lighting that provides sufficient illumination to see when you're putting the key in the door or welcoming guests. Depending on the porch design, supplemental lighting may also be needed for steps leading up to the porch.

Plant Selection

Low-growing evergreen shrubs, ornamental grasses and flowering perennial plants are popular choices for front-of-the-house landscaping. Your contractor's landscape design plan will show positions for each plant so that branches and foliage don't cause obstructions to the pathway or porch which can cause tripping. As a bonus, some highly fragrant plants may be included in the design to make the entry even more attractive.


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New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

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