New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

Helpful Tips For Pressure Washing Your Stone Walkways

Sonia Scott

When your stone pathways become stained and covered with algae or moss growth, it can take away from the decorative appeal of your landscape and garden. You may remember how your pathway looked when you first laid down its stone and wonder if you can get back to looking that way. The good news is you can clean your stone pathway using a pressure washer. Follow these tips for getting the job done without problems that could cost you time and money repairing your landscape.

Sweep Away Debris

Before you start pressure washing your stone walkway, sweeping it to make sure all the debris like leaves and twigs is a good idea. If you start washing before you sweep, the force of the water will move all the debris into any flowerbeds or other decorative areas adjacent to your walkway. Instead of waiting to rake up wet leaves and debris from under shrubs or out of flowerbeds after you wash the walkway, sweeping it away first is easier and will help to save a lot of time.

Protecting Your Landscape's Vegetation

After you sweep your stone walkway, covering up neighboring flowerbeds and shrubbery with plastic is important. Be sure to select plastic sheeting that is thick and durable. Because of the force of water coming from a pressure washer, you want to make sure your plants are not damaged. For this reason, being careful about the direction you point the pressure washer's tip while cleaning your walkway is vital. An average sized pressure washer can produce up to 3000 pounds of pressure (PSI), enough force to move the stones you washing out of their places and to make holes in the siding of your house.  Plant life along aide of your walkway can be easily damaged with one accidental spray of a pressure washer, so covering them is best to avoid it. 

Washing Each Stone

Spray your walkway with a light soapy detergent and let it sit for a few minutes before you start spraying with a pressure washer. Starting at one end of the walkway, stand over each stone and spray in a circular motion. Taking your time to wash each individual stone will allow you to avoid loosening them by spraying over them all in a sideways angle and it gives you a chance to focus on each stone's particular level of staining.

Clean stone walkways can do a lot to enhance your garden and landscape design. Pressure washing is the best and fastest way to clean exterior materials like stone and can help your walkway look the same as it did when you first laid it down. 


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New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

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