New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

Learning To Diagnose A Problematic Sprinkler By Your Grass's Behavior

Sonia Scott

An attractive and healthy lawn and landscape will only make your home or business look more appealing. This is why so many people choose to have an automatic sprinkler system installed on their property. Even though most of these systems will last for many years without issues, they can see issues over the long term. What a lot of property owners do not know is that they can usually diagnose a problematic automatic sprinkler system by the way their grass behaves. Here are a few of the most common signs that something could be wrong. 

Wilted and Faded Grass

Your healthy lawn should have grass that is strong and erected toward the sun. However, if the sprinkler system is allowing too much water to the property, your grass will start to look a little unhealthy. In most cases, over-hydration will cause the grass to lay over and its bright green color will fade over time. If you do not see issues with the sprinkler heads, test the sprinkler timing system to ensure it is working properly. If neither of these issues are apparent, you should have a professional take a look to make sure you do not have water line leaks beneath the ground. 

Patchy and Spotted Grass

If you start to notice that your grass is not uniformly healthy, there could be a problem with the sprinkler heads of your irrigation system. Check to make sure they are still evenly distributing water when they are turned on. If not, clean the sprinkler heads and check them closely for signs of damage. If you have an older sprinkler system in place, you may have to have the heads replaced, as they can become clogged with mineral deposits that prevent even water applications. 

Pale or Light Green Frail Grass

You may not catch this problem at first, but when your grass starts looking pale or light green in several spots, you can almost guarantee that something is wrong. Many automatic sprinklers have a filtration system that keeps contaminants from entering the water supply that are commonly used in water treatment facilities, such as chlorine. If your sprinkler filtration system is failing, it will have a damaging effect on your grass. It will start to look frail and unhealthy, and eventually, the deep green you normally see will turn to an unattractive pale color. 

It can be a little disconcerting to feel like you are giving your landscape the hydration it needs and still see issues with unhealthy grass. If you have an automatic sprinkler system that is causing you problems, talk to an irrigation professional (like those at Irrigation Tech) to help you tackle the problem. 


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New Gardener? Choose Your Flowers Carefully

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